Frequently Asked Questions

Are all products customisable?

No, but we are constantly adding to the customisable product range. If there's something that you simply have to have; feel free to message us on Facebook, or via the contact us form on this site. No promises, of course, but we're keen to release products that you're passionate about!

How do I customise a product?

The process of customisation for a product couldn't be easier! 

The product page for a customisable product has a number of options; and as you scroll down simply select your preference in each section. 

As you build your wonderful, custom creation, you will see a visual representation of it appear. 

Once you've finished and are happy with your creation, simply check the box that indicates you've reviewed your choices and are ready to order, then hit the Add to Cart button. 

How long does it take for my order to be made?

Each and every order is made just for you. There are a few steps in order processing.

1) Orders are release to production once your payment has cleared and arrived in our accounts (this is usually around 2 business days). 

2) Production lead times vary, based on the product you've chosen. Generally speaking, production times are between 2 & 5 days, but for most items it's approximately 3 days. At peak times (ie Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Christmas & New Years) this time may increase slightly.

3) All orders have a QA process; where our production partners quality check your order before it's packed up and sent to you via the shipping method you had selected at checkout. This step generally takes 1 business day.

4) Finally, your order ships from our production facilities to you! Happy days!

Where do the products ship from?

Each order is produced at a partner facility that's located as close as possible to you. In most cases, this will be the USA or Europe, but for some items & orders that production facility will be in Australia. Items in your order may be produced at separate facilities, and as a result may ship separately.  

Do you ship to my country?

 We're currently able to ship to most countries worldwide.

Do you charge taxes?

In Australia, yes, we charge GST on all orders. For other countries, no, we do not charge tax. However, our suppliers do collect tax on your order (based on your purchase price), and charge this to us. In those circumstances, we add a fee to cover this cost to your order.

Will I be charged import duties or taxes on my order?

We’re not tax experts, but in most cases, no, you will not be charged additional taxes or charges on your order.

This is for two reasons: 1) Our suppliers charge tax based on your purchase price to us and include that charge as a notation on their shipping documentation, 2) Where possible, orders are dispatched from a production facility close to you - so for orders in the EU, most items are sent from a facility in Spain or Latvia, while for orders in the US most items are sent from our production partners in Georgia or California. 

Orders to Australia under AUD1000 are charged GST which we pay on your behalf.

Finally, orders to the EU or UK over their respective thresholds of EUR150 or GBP135 will attract charges on import.

Why is there a “Fees and Charges - <Country/state> - <XX%>” being added to my cart?

In most states and countries, we do not charge tax on your order as we do not have “nexus” in those locations (we are not large enough). However, our suppliers are significantly larger and do charge this tax, then remit it to the relevant authority. They also pass this charge on to us.

If you’re seeing this line appear in your cart, it is simply us covering this additional cost incurred to fulfill your order.  In most cases, it will directly correlate with your local tax rate, but, for absolute clarity, we are not collecting tax on your order - our suppliers are doing that.

Will you charge taxes in future?

Yes, once we achieve nexus in a location, we are required by law to register and collect in that location. So, once we pass those thresholds, the tax / fees & charges process will be much simpler for us and for you! However, there is a significant cost to register and report, so until we have that scale we simply cannot do this.

How long does shipping take?

Even at the best of times shipping times can be somewhat variable, but thanks to the extra variabilities of different Covid- related shipping restrictions globally, this has become less reliable. At checkout, you will be presented with a shipping time estimate, based on where the production facility is and where you are shipping to.

However, this is an estimate only and will rely on everything working as it should with our shipping partners. 

I’m not seeing a fulfilment notification for my customised product - has something gone wrong?

We take a lot of manual steps to ensure your customised product has been produced as accurately as possible, and this also extends to the fulfilment notifications and tracking numbers. We will add the tracking numbers so your order as soon as possible.

What happens if I made a mistake on my customised product?

There is a small window of opportunity to make alterations to your customised product. We review and release customised products to production twice daily; so if you wish to make a change to a product please contact us at your earliest convenience, to ensure we're able to make the change for you. Once an order has been released to production, we're unable to make further changes to it.

What happens if I ordered the wrong size?

Please see the returns policy regarding incorrect sizes: